Pages with "!" in their name means that page does not exist yet!

REGARDING DOUJINS: Doujins with things listed as "N/A" means I am unsure of their contents. For all I know, the character may not even be in the book, or there may be a gross pairing. If you notice a doujin which contains things like incest or pedophilia, or has wrong information, please contact me immediately! I try to find the artists Pixiv or Twitter, because I don't own all of these I sadly don't know all of them. If you know a artists social media, please tell me so it can be added! Characters with a * in their name means its uncertain if they are in the book.

Page for smaller villainous characters

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Frank Sahwit
April May
Redd White
Dee Vasquez
Manfred von Karma
Damon Gant

Justice For All

Richard Wellington
Mimi Miney
Morgan Fey
Matt Engarde!
Shelly de Killer

Trials and Tribulations

Dahlia Hawthorne!
Luke Atmey!
Furio Tigre!
Viola Cadaverini!

Apollo Justice

Kristoph Gavin!
Alita Tiala!
Daryan Crescend!


Jacques Portsman!
Cammy Meele!
Lance Amano!
Calisto Yew/Shih-Na!
Quercus Alba!

Investigations 2

Horace Knightley!
Patricia Roland!
Dane Gustavia!
Blaise Debeste
Di-Jun Huang!
Simon Keyes!

Dual Destinies

Ted Tonate!
Florent L'Belle!
Aristotle Means!