March 21st 2022

Hey everyone! I know its been a long while since I've been on the site, and I deeply apologize for the lack of updates. If you follow my main site, I planned on finishing my personal site by the end of Feb. But obviously, my executive dysfunction had other plans. :,] Nonetheless, I am doing some minor tweaks to the site since I have learned some new tricks from working on my own site. It may be a little before any new pages, but optimizations are being made for the current ones! Thank you for your support. <3

Jan 1st 2022

Happy new years everyone! I've enjoyed my winter break and feel rather refreshed and ready to work on the site again. :] I plan on finishing the main wiki pages and then playing the rest of the games to complete the wiki. As always, if you'd like to contribute please consider joining our Discord or Forums! Thank you and lets hope this year for the wiki is a good one! ^^

Dec 20th 2021

Morgan Feys page is finished! A page for smaller villains has been made, Shellys page is starting. (As a dedication to my friend <3)

Dec 17th 2021

heh. nice

Dec 5th 2021

Hi everyone! I want to apologize for my absence. I know this site is far from being even remotely popular or talked about, but it is a passion project of mine and something I hold dear to me. Leaving it alone for even a few weeks made me feel like I abandoned it. The reasoning for my absence is a few things, first being that I remade my personal website, second being I have seasonal depression which is in full swing right now, and third being I just had a distressing emotional event. This combination made the powerpuff girl has lead me to have a shit sleep schedule, hardly getting out of bed, and even not being able to sit at my desk out of just the exhaustion my depression (among other things) has caused me. I know the world doesn't stop for anyone, and I know it won't stop for me. But I'm taking a small break until near the end of this month to spend time relaxing during Christmas since my older sister is coming over :] I have many things planned for this site after I finish the main pages. You may see small updates during my break but please don't expect anything major since I am still very tired ;w; If you wish to see more updates not relating to this site, you can join our Discord to speak to me directly, or you can follow my personal site or Twitter! Merry Christmas everyone <3

P.S: If all goes well, the wiki pages should be finished by spring of next year and I'll finish the remaining AA games! I want to do fun things like make Utaus, desktop pets, and graphics afterwards! I also plan on hosting site events and contests.

Nov 18th 2021

Mimi Miney page finished, new icons in the graphics section, Morgan Fey page is WIP

Nov 16th 2021

I found the AAI2 overworld sprites and the HD sprites! Bad news is theyre all taken apart and I need to frankenstein them back together and manually make them gifs. But it'll be worth it!!

Nov 15th 2021

Rehotlinking the images are done! Images are now secured on my computer in case of emergency aswell. Work on making new pages has resumed. We now have a forums!!

Nov 13-14th 2021

Admin made dummy move and the cache reloaded and the images did a fucky wucky oopsy poopsy. They should be fixed now since I'm working on rehotlinking the images ^.^

Nov 9-10th 2021

Richard Wellingtons page made, Ini Mineys html made (Not edited yet). Currently backing up files for the website onto my computer in case any of the images break. Currently rehotlinking images away from the Ace Attorney Wikia and onto a private Discord to ensure they're more secure

Nov 8th 2021

Update page made, finished redoing all old pages to new layout! Eventually I'll stop hotlinking from the aa wiki and move all the sprites to my own server so theyre more secure