Questions regarding the website and other information!

Who runs this site?

Hi my name is Beau! Ace Attorney is my special interest :] You can view my normal website here! I've always loved villains ever since I was young, so ig it was inevitable I'd love all the ones from here xD My fave game is AAI2, my fave culprits are Manfred, Damon, and Blaise.


I've had rather bad experiences in the AA fanbase due to liking villains, I also can't find things regarding them very easily >:/ I wanted to make a nice space for people who like them to come together :D

Do you endorse XYZ?

No, I do not actually support murder or whatever the villains have done. As for doujins, I've stated it on the wiki page but I cannot fully check the contents of the doujins since they are overseas and I get my doujins in bulk. (Basically, I only get doujins if I get a big order, which takes a while.) I don't support most pairings like Phantom/Blackquill, the only things that will never be listed on the site are: R18, incestuous, or pedophilic. If you notice any of the doujins contain these things, please dm me! As for artists and fan fiction writers, I really just let whoever submit to the site as long as they are not a bigot or a general weirdo.

How do I submit to the wiki?

Join our Discord and go to #submit-to-site and read the information from there! You can also choose to privately DM me on Discord (Beau#1304) and you can choose to remain anonymous and not be added to the contributors list :]

Why isn't XYZ listed?

Some characters I do not consider villains (Like Godot, Aura Blackquill, or Valant Gramarye) or I have not met them yet! I have not played Spirit of Justice, PLvsPW, or Chronicles yet.