This site contains heavy spoilers for the Ace Attorney series!

Ace Attorney is a murder mystery visual novel game where you play as defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, who must prove his clients innocence and find the real culprit in the process.

The game is usually split into two segments, trial and investigation. During investigations, you find evidence, talk to witnesses, and learn more about the case at hand. During trial, you cross examine witnesses, argue with prosecutors, and close in on your suspect!

The series has been around since 2001 on the GBA, and was ported to the Nintendo DS in 2005. This website is dedicated to the many villains and culprits of the series up until SOJ, PLvsPW, and the two GAA games! (This is because I haven't played them yet ;w;)

I highly recommend anyone who doesn't know anything about Ace Attorney to please play the games yourself before entering this website. The trilogy is available on most platforms!!

Enter anyways?